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Mecenate Palace Hotel Meetings in Rome

Mecenate Palace Hotel Meetings

For your event in the center of Rome

We can offer the perfect business package with all the necessary services to host a successful business event in our meeting room with a technical equipment always included in the price, all of which are combined with coffee break and business lunch.

  • Maximum capacity: 40

    The Liberiana Room

    The ‘Liberiana’ Room is an ideal place to host your important business meetings, conferences and special celebrations. This events room is 50m2 and comes equipped with all the equipment needed to ensure everything goes to plan, including: flip chart, computer and projector.

    The room can be adapted to a number of different layouts in order to accommodate the guests. Make your request.

    • U-shape Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
      U-shape 26 people
    • Imperial Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
      Imperial 30 people
    • Business Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
      Business 30 people
    • Conference Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
      Conference 40 people
    • Banquet Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
      Banquet 20 people
    • Classroom Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
      Classroom 20 people
We guarantee all health safety measures.